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Victor has lost 24 Kilos in 5 months!

Victor has lost 24 Kilos in 5 months!

Loss Weight: 24 Kilos

Days:5 Months

This is the testimonial Mr. Victor Emvalomas had sent us after 4 weeks on the All-svelte Organic Slimming Coffee.

That was 4 months ago! Now he has sent us some great photos of himself, showing how much weight he has lost! Of course we have asked him to send in a new testimonial which you will see posted on our website in a few days.

“I lost 7 kilos in 4 weeks – without the worries of strict dieting! I feel healthier and more energetic than I have felt in years!! Your coffee – black is truly amazing!! Before commencing All-svelte organic slimming coffee-black, I was a bit sceptical that a coffee supplement would help me to control my hunger urges. I was so wrong! I followed the instructions and drank All-svelte Coffee- Black first thing in the morning, and 15 minutes later I would eat a banana for breakfast. I found that I made it to lunch time feeling very satisfied and alert. At lunch time, just eating one sandwich would make me fill full! (Until now, I would normally have eaten bacon and eggs for breakfast and a full plate of food for lunch). After starting on the All-svelte Organic Slimming Coffee -black I didn’t even feel hungry as the afternoon progressed! I no longer felt the need to rummage through the pantry for snacks. A light supper would be more than enough until dinner time! I have been having All-svelte coffee for 4 weeks now and the change is amazing! I have lost 7 kgs in 4 weeks without strict dieting, I feel healthier and I am more energetic than I have been for years! I can’t thank you enough for making this possible for me”.