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See a brand new you evolve before your eyes

See a brand new you evolve before your eyes

Loss Weight: 39 Kgs

Days:1 year

Hi, Vicky Mar here and since 1976 I have been helping women to feel empowered, elegant and chic, irrespective of their body shape, through my fashion label, Vicky Mar. Clothes that make you feel confident, everywhere you wear them in sizes 8 to 24. As happy as I was to see my clients look beautiful for a special occasion, I was also saddened and concerned to see health problems manifest through excess weight and diet issues. What could I do to make my customers feel better and look better in a totally natural, safe and more permanent way?

To create the ALL-SVELTE ORGANIC coffees and tea, our scientific researchers studied extensively all of nature’s gifts known to mankind for thousands of years.Utilising the best of science and nature, we now have a product that sees you confidently saying goodbye to fad diets, starvation, magic pills and false hope. My signature is your guarantee of excellence and I feel very happy when I receive letters from you (like this one from beautiful Jas) telling me how the products improved your self image and outlook on life!

NOTE: To ensure you receive the genuine product, please ensure that the address on the bottom of the packet is MARRICKVILE NSW 2204 AUSTRALIA.