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Health Benefits

Healthy Weight Loss

health benefits of green coffee and green teaAll ingredients are gifts from nature, known to mankind for thousands of years and have been traditionally used to assist with:

– Weight control & reduction of body fat ratios
– Boosting healthy energy levels
– Strengthening the digestive system
– Improving short term memory
– Improving mental alertness and concentration
– Detoxifying the liver
– Maintaining overall wellbeing
– Beautifying the skin.

To keep it simple, the antioxidant compounds naturally present in green tea and green coffee will speed up your metabolism to help you lose more fat, and inhibit the uptake of glucose in the intestines, resulting in weight loss over a period of 60 days. They can even turn off the receptors that make you want to eat.


Moreover, the precious natural herbs will benefit you in many ways by giving you more energy, strengthening your immune and digestive systems, detoxifying your liver, and so on…

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All you have to do is drink a cup of coffee in the morning before breakfast or a cup of tea after each meal. It’s as simple as that!