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About Us

Who we are

The Vicky Mar Naturals brand is owned by ALLSVELTE Global Trading Pty Ltd, an international company based in Sydney, Australia.

The CEO of our company, is Vicky Mar, the founder and owner of the renowned fashion labelVicky Mar, a symbol of quality.

Our products are scientifically formulated in Australia and are manufactured according to the highest pharmaceutical standards. All-sveta Organic Slimming  Coffee-Lite, Coffee-Black and the All-sveta Superb Tea.

We are constantly researching to develop the best products. Our mission is to bring to the world premium quality,  organic beverages which comply with the highest research and development standards. Our formula for each product has at its core precious herbs – nature’s gift to mankind for thousands of years.

How it all started

Since 1976 Vicky Mar has dressed tens of thousands of Australian women and women around the globe with stunningly elegant and feminine creations for any occasion from size 8 – 24. Vicky’s philosophy has always been that every woman has the right to look chic irrespective of her body shape.

In these 34 years, as happy as Vicky Mar was to see her clients look beautiful for a special occasion, she was also saddened and concerned to see a number of them facing health problems, some quite serious, due to excess weight and diet issues. Vicky realized that it is not good enough to look good on the outside, you must feel good on the inside as well.

So Vicky Mar started searching to find a unique product, to offer to her customers to make them feel better, look better, feel healthier, lose weight. Vicky Mar wanted to see every person have a smile on their face instead of pain and agony… Everyone to look happy and to be enjoying life all the time.

She found hundreds of products and she rejected them all. You see, every single product Vicky found, she would first try herself together with 96 volunteers (78 female and 18 male) in order to see the body’s reaction before she could consider it for sale to her customers, who trusted her fully. Every single product which was tried, was in one way or another, just not good enough.

So Vicky Mar kept searching. Following a very long, fascinating but exhaustive research, one sunny morning in the winter of 2009, Vicky Mar realized that the only solution for a perfect product was to create her own. This was the only way she could feel 100% certain that whatever ingredient was listed on the packet was actually inside the product and that every single ingredient used was of premium quality, the best available worldwide. Her own company would manufacture 100% natural, organic, side-effect free and efficient products with the assistance of one of the best scientific and pharmaceutical research and development teams in the world, to help people.

This is how All-svelte was born!

Our company – our brands

Our company OWNS the following brands: Vicky Mar Naturals